Swish Body was established 2020 in Southern California. It originated with the goal to bring positivity to your world. We want to embrace the best version of YOU, inside and out. 
Our packaging was created with the concept of you feeling special when you receive it. All of the packaging is sustainable and hand made.
Our shape wear is manufactured in Colombia by small families and female empowered. When our game changing shape wear was created, we knew everyone had to have it. Swish Body went international when our TIKTOK video of our shape wear went viral. 
We offer TOP of the line shape wear to enhance your body and the perfect outfit to go with it. The goal is for everyone to fall in love with the results when they get their hands on our famous shape wear and bring out their confidence. Witnessing the instant confidence people get when they put on our shape wear is what keeps us going!
With Swish Body products we inspire the motion of the being so you love your body. We believe when your outfit is on point, it will echo within. Chase your dream and look good while you are doing it!
Every month we will give back a percent of our sales to the less fortunate. We value every customer, every supplier and every employee as an extended partner of our company. Feel free to reach out with recommendations, a charity, or just to say hello! We appreciate you and for being a part of our journey!